Cool tree houses are a house design that is applied in a big tree.  It is contain of a wooden material since it is placed in a tree. Tree house could be says as a childhood memories thing. When we was a child we often have or just dreaming to have a tree house as our private room. Tree house could be says a private room since it is usually design for entertainment purpose.

Childhood Story

When we were a child we often like to climb a big tree for our surviving adrenaline in a childhood world. This is maybe influenced the idea of builds the cool tree houses. Childhood story will be nice in the experience of having a tree house. A tree house could be a creative room for the brain developing support of kids. In that room the kids can contribute their creative activities such as playing house, exercising the hobby inside or many more. So having a tree house is not just for the entertainment support for kids. Tree houses are also functioned for a private room in many purposes.

Making a Cool Tree House

To make this tree house, we just need to done some steps during the preparation and design. The first thing to do is choosing a big and strong tree. This tree could not be near each other by the other tree in order to get a big movement room design. Trying to find a dense tree in order to get the fresh environments, then after we found the chosen tree, we need to plan a tree house design. You can also read Wood Furniture Design with Attractive Motif.

Cool Tree Houses

Cool Tree Houses 2012

Cool Tree Houses Decorating

The tree house must be having a strong structure of trees and woods furniture. Making a tree house must be done the consideration of choosing trees, planning the design and any more. Cool tree houses are a house design that is applied in a big tree.

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