There has been a huge talk about purple and lime green bedroom nowadays. Though this combination of colors is familiar for some people who love to explore the colors for their bedroom’s painting, it now becomes a warm issue that this combination attracts many interests. 

There are some ways you can do in using the combination of the colors for your bedroom. Here, to make a purple and lime green bedroom, you need to make sure first that you are personally comfortable with this combination. It is because it will be harder for you if you want to change the paint since you include the combination of two or more colors.  

To make it more interesting in making the combination as the major there for your bedroom, you can it in the form of rectangular or thick lines. Somehow, this will make your bedroom look more retro but also not boredom-making. Hopefully, the purple and lime green bedroom will make a warm atmosphere inside yourself.

Purple and Lime Green Bedroom

Purple and Lime Green Bedroom Modern

Purple and Lime Green Bedroom Minimalist

There are many combinations of colors we can make to be applied for our bedroom’s painting. After knowing some information above, this can be innovative for use to make purple and lime green bedroom  in our house.

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