10 Things To Consider In Kitchen Design To Save Time And Energy

Do you scold the designer whenever you enter the kitchen? I used to do the same then I decided to design my own kitchen so that I would not get frustrated and quickly do my tasks in kitchen. Women spend most of the time in kitchen. In my opinion kitchen layout design is more important than any other room in the house. I have collected some points which help you to save time and energy which you waste in jumbled kitchen design.

What Factors to consider before design a Convenient Kitchen Layout

1 Make Cabinet for Trash Bin near your Sink

Trash bin should be in a cabinet so that your kitchen looks neat. But make that cabinet need to be under the sink which save your time during dishwashing. Knives and spoons are first things you pick as you enter the kitchen. Also place Spoon and knives cabinet near your sink so that you can quickly grab it whenever you enter the kitchen after hand wash.

2. Install a Caddy to make your Sink Tidy

Your dish wash liquid bottle, or bar, Sponge, rubbing brush and cleaning towel looks messy lying over the sink. To organize you sink install a sink caddy on your sink. You can have over the sink caddy, wall mount caddy or adhesive caddy. Stainless steel caddies are best because you do not need to buy over and over again. They are evergreen and easy to clean as well. Look Top 5 Stainless Kitchen caddy Design 2020

  1. Always make Good quality wheel drawer for Lower cabinets.

To save you from backache install wheel in your drawer. You can easy pull out cabinet things i.e colanders, storage boxes and pots etc. in those cabinets.

  1. Make Shelves in Lower Cabinets to optimize space saving

Make shelves in your lower cabinets where you do not put larger utensils to keep small crockery. To be organized buy kitchen organizers or make shelves. You can utilize whole space in the cabinet.

  1. Install Vertical Cabinets above cooking range

Vertical cabinets are necessary above the range. To store Coffee, tea, salt and sugar and spice jar in the left one. And Keep the right one with shelves to have cups and glass handy. It saves a lot of time when you busy in a project and want to have cup of coffee or tea or glass of juice during work. Or you need to quickly make breakfast for kids and husband in morning.

6 .Install Windows instead of making Cabinets above shelf

Kitchen should be airy and well lit. To add day light in your kitchen install windows instead of cabinets above side selves. Windows are good idea to keep your kitchen bacteria free, smell free, and mold & fungus free.

  1. Use Island for Storing Things.

Make cabinets under the island shelve and store your Pots and satin steel utensils. You can quickly pick out these things.

  1. Install 4 electric socket points on all four corners in Kitchen

When you spend time in your kitchen you need to charge your mobile, need blender, a microwave oven, Fridge, a Baby bottle warmer at once. Keep this in your mind to have at least 6 sockets point to use your electric Gadgets.

  1. Make drawers left and right of cooking range

Install your small drawers left and right of cooking range. Keep your spice boxes in the upper left and pots and pan in lower drawers. Keep cooking Spoon, spatulas, spider and tong in upper right drawer and keep blender, grinder, and juicer in lower drawer.

  1. Consider Big Gadgets Storage

When you design a kitchen. You always forget the large gadgets like Food Factory, Juicer Machine, Big Storage boxes, Picnic Hot Pots, Big Water Cans, Big Cooking Pots you use occasionally.  These big kitchen gadgets are always thrown in a store room. You totally forgot about these kitchen items and never use them. To utilize these useful gadgets keep them in kitchen big cabinets under shelf in the corner.

  1. Build a Bigger Kitchen than Rooms

I realized that bigger kitchen is a blessing. While designing your home if you need to decrease the size of some room you always consider to cut kitchen size. But trust me it is the worst decision you ever make. You regret it when you utilize the kitchen. You can decrease the size of nursery, bedroom or bathroom. Specifically bathroom does not need to be big. Spacious and airy kitchen leaves good impression on your mood overall. Make list of Items to buy for new Kitchen. You can view 10 Kitchen Gadgets under $20 you need every day to make your life easy.

  1. Make Cabinets for Viper, Mopes and Duster etc.

It looks very messy when you have neat kitchen but dirty mop and duster lying there ruin your sense of cleanness. Make separate cabinet to store these items in kitchen.