5 Tips to Renovate a Modern Bedroom

5 Tips to Renovate a Modern Bedroom

When renovating your home, you often end up ignoring the style and comfort of your bedroom.

Or, it is safe to say that your bedroom design is lost in the functional priority of the kitchen and

bathrooms. While it is the most important place where you relax and unwind, you tend to make

the most compromises in the bedroom than anywhere else. So, here we present some tips to

make the modern bedroom renovation simpler for you. From choosing Luxo Living – Single

Beds & Frames to picking the right colors and decor, we provide a simple and short checklist

that can turn your boring bedroom into a gorgeous and practical modern one.

Change the Mood With the Right Lighting

Lighting can change the entire look and feel of a room instantly. It can uplift the mood

and make the space more welcoming and cozy. A modern bedroom is perfect with a mix

of different light sources. Change your ceiling lights with smart pieces and get attractive

shades for the windows to regulate natural light. You can have scones on the wall behind

that bed that will help your bedtime reading. Scones with dimmers are added pleasure.

Also, it may sound weird but retro track lights are an amazing combination for modern


Bring Freshness by Playing with the Arrangement

If you are running tight on budget, one amazing way to bring freshness and newness into

your bedroom is to change its layout. You can get a completely new look and feel by

investing only some time and energy without burning your pockets. You can remove

some unnecessary pieces to make the room more spacious and airy. Change the direction

of the bed and arrange all other items to harmonize with the new orientation can give you

an entirely new appeal.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Think About Flooring

Flooring plays a crucial role in generating comfort and warmth in a modern bedroom.

Cork flooring and engineered wood with radiant heat coils underneath are among the

most popular choices for contemporary flooring. These are economical, durable, and can

be installed with the least invasion in your bedroom giving an instant uplift to its appeal.

While wall-to-wall carpet is not a contemporary style, you can still use rugs and small

carpets on the floor to get some softness in the room.

Play with Colors

If you do not want to add any new furniture and have no option of changing orientation.

Changing the color of the room can do wonders for you. Pick colors that matched or

complements your personality and create a positive vibe in your bedroom. Nude colors or

light hues for walls are most loved in modern homes. If you are some who loves the life

of bright colors, you can add a splash by recoloring your room’s furniture.

Get a Complete Makeover With a New Theme

So let’s say you do have no restrictions on budget and also have enough time to devote to

the renovation. In that case, there is no stopping from going for a full-fledged renovation.

You can change everything in your bedroom from lights to colors, from furniture to

flooring, and from fixtures to decor to give your room a new modern vibe.