Creative Uses For Quartz Stone In Your Home

Creative Uses For Quartz Stone In Your Home

In recent times, we’ve started to see more and more people introduce quartz stone to their home in creative ways. Therefore, we wanted to produce a short guide here today for those who want to get started with the material.

How do you introduce quartz stone to your `

home? While researching this topic, you’re likely to see a number of articles on spirituality and healing. However, there’s no reason why you can’t also enjoy the physical applications of quartz stone, and this is where we’ll start.

Worktops And Countertops

Firstly, this is now a popular option for worktops and countertops (just behind precious stones). Although they can’t compete with the latter for hardness, quartz stone worktops are certainly durable. Resistant to cracks and non-porous, it’s a great choice. What’s more, there’s no requirement to put the worktop through a resealing process, which saves you lots of hassle too.

Other reasons to invest in quartz stone include the appearance and the benefit to the environment of the material. While you can choose between smooth or flecked for the appearance, the commonality of quartz means that mining is a fairly simple process (nothing when compared to mining rarer elements!).

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EMF Wave Protection

Before we go into crystals and healing, we should also mention how quartz stones can be used to protect against electromagnetic energies. A problem caused by electrical appliances and WiFi routers, the idea is to place a crystal in each of the four corners of the home. By doing this, or even wearing small crystals, we protect ourselves from headaches, depression, insomnia, and various other chronic disorders.


While some people hold quartz stones in the hand, others utilize special healing layouts with their crystals. Either way, some say there’s healing properties that allow a meditative, calm mind. Additionally, others use quartz crystals because they want to focus their thoughts.

If you haven’t seen this line of thinking previously, some believe our bodies are powered by something akin to a battery for a radio or any other device. When we’re ill or running low on energy, we need something to recharge, and crystals are the answer. They correct our wavelength (or frequency), and they help to recharge the batteries.

In truth, there are various ways to do this. For example, one technique is to hold a quartz crystal pointing inwards in the left hand (right hand if you’re left-handed) and sit for up to ten minutes. From here, swap to the other hand and switch the crystal so that it’s facing outwards. For those with two crystals, you can perform the two simultaneously.

Elsewhere, others hold their crystal close to the heart because they feel it boosts the immune system. For the same reason, you’ll find crystal pendants available online.

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Office And Home

If you struggle for motivation at work, some have found success with a quartz crystal. With one crystal on their desk, it helps to encourage positive energies while removing all negative energies (something ubiquitous in the work environment!).

If you prefer to have crystals around the home, we recommend trying them under the pillow. While some claim it helps with insomnia and similar sleep issues, others believe it helps them to recall dreams more accurately. Instead of having them sit under the pillow, you might prefer one in each corner of the bed (pointing inwards).

As you can see, there’s plenty of uses for quartz stones, physical and spiritual, and it’s up to you how you use them in your own life!