Lawn Companies Winnipeg

Lawn Companies Winnipeg

Just Mulch – Keep Away from Raking the Lawn

Having a beautiful tree in the lawn can be simply wonderful during the hot summer months, however, come fall it can feel overwhelming. The lawn is enveloped in a bed of dead leaves and every time you gather them, it feels like they come back right away. Gathering leaves is a hassle, time-consuming and can be tricky if you’ve got a huge lawn. Well, we, at The Sodfather – one of the top-rated lawn companies in Winnipeg – have got some good news for you. Simply hang up the rake and rev up the lawnmower.

Mulch With the Help of the Mower

You already have to mow the lawn so why not kill two birds with just a single stone? Not just is it simpler to mulch the leaves, but it is even environmentally friendly and better for the lawn as well. The sliced leave will break down and putrefy into the lawn improving the soil and adding nutrients back into the turf with the help of the natural process of recycling. Ensure that you take the grass catcher off the mower prior to mulching in order that they can stay behind on the lawn.

Keep Away from Allowing the Leave to sit over the Winter

Even though it is all right to allow a little leaves to sit over the winter, however, if there is more than 10% to 20% surface coverage you will need to mulch them. As per the specialists for lawn service in Winnipeg such as The Sodfather, allowing a bed of leaves to sit over the winter will suffocate the turf and can result in the growth of snow mold. In addition, any leaves behind can put a ceiling on airflow and sunlight slowing down the growth and leave the lawn looking unhealthy lawn in spring.

Keep in mind that the preparation for the spring lawn begins at the fall before.

Raking Works too

While mulching has got a lot of advantages over raking, if you have a preference to rake that works too! It is certainly more work and you will miss out on a few of the advantages of mulching such as adding organic material back into the soil. However, it is much better to mulch or rake leaves instead of leaving them over the winter making the lawn susceptible to disease.

In addition, it may be essential to rake the lawn in place of mulching if you undergo extremely heavy leaf coverage. If you have got a lot of larger trees and the layer of leaves on the lawn is extraordinarily dense, rake a few leaves then mulch what is left over for the most excellent results. This will make sure that the amount of cut up leaves on the lawn is more manageable and will putrefy with no trouble.

If you have got any queries regarding the condition of the fall lawn, The Sodfather is one of the best lawn companies in Winnipeg that you can always count on approaching.