Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags: An Innovative flood Protection Tool for All

In an emergency, the way you react means everything.. When it comes to flooding, responding quickly and efficiently can be the difference between damaged property, financial loss, and even loss of life.

For many, owning a home is an investment. And while most homeowners pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into their property, many neglect to protect their homes from flooding. If you ask most homeowners, sandbags are the best known means of creating a flood control barrier.

However, hauling over tons of sand, assembling the bags, as well as the manpower to deploy them, eats a way a lot of crucial reaction time. Remember, a barrier is only effective if its deployed BEFORE the flooding occurs.

Moreover, setting up large barriers for municipal and commercial flood protection is often impossible and too time-consuming for even large work crews. Oftentimes, flooding events happen as complete surprise and regardless of the work crew size, are extremely difficult to react to.

That’s why many cities, towns, governments and individual homeowners are choosing a water-activated, self-expanding sandless sandbag called Quik-Response .

These sandbags are an innovative take on the classic sandbag – only with no sand!

Initially, Quik-Response looks like an empty sack and weigh less than one pound each. This allows for easy and quick transportation to the flood site.

Ready to activate Quik-Response’s self-expanding capabilities?

Just submerge the bag in water, and watch as Quik-Response grows in both size and mass to a 40lb fully functional sandbag. Once activated, simply stack Quik-Response in the same manner as normal sandbags.  If the flood is surging towards you and you don’t have time to activate the bags, the flood water itself will activate them and they’ll be fully functional in minutes.

Quik-Response sandless sandbags are also Eco-friendly and biodegradable. The bag itself is made of a plant-based material, and the active ingredient inside the bag is insoluble, meaning it will not contaminate water. In fact, used bags can be planted under soil to water plants at the roots! Regular sandbags, meanwhile, sit around looking dirty and unsightly, and end up getting thrown in a garbage dump.

As emergency preparedness becomes all the more important, technology continues to improve. Companies must optimize their products’ effectiveness while keeping environmental health a top priority. It seems Vasalta has achieved this with their Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags.