The Best Storage Units For Apartment Buildings

The Best Storage Units For Apartment Buildings

Storage units for apartment buildings are becoming more in demand every day. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, the inclusion of secure storage units in apartments can reap some huge benefits. The tenant will have a nice secure area in which to store extra belongings, and the landlord will have an immediate extra source of revenue. Both parties get what they want, so it is a win-win.

What Kind Of Storage Solutions Are Right?

Depending on the layout of the apartment building and the available space, there are different options available. Is there enough room to install a nice set of storage bins that will fit neatly around the parameters of the parking garage? Is there limited space? Is the area outdoor, or indoor? No matter what kind of storage setup that you decide on, the end result will be a great looking secure storage area that locks and provides privacy.

Storage Bins

Bradyl Storage Solutions is a company that builds and installs different types of storage solutions. Storage bins are one of the solutions that have helped thousands of apartment complexes around the country. You can survey the space that you have that is going to waste in your building and make a plan to replace that space with some solid, secure, strong storage bins. They have customizable sizes and can be fitted throughout an area in creative ways.

Over The Hood Storage Boxes

Bradyl also offers an over the hood of the car storage solution. These boxes provide an extra 80 cubic feet of storage without having to remodel the whole area. They neatly stand in the parking spot of the tenant and allow the vehicle to park underneath them. They have adjustable legs and can accommodate cars, SUVs, and most trucks. They only use space that would otherwise go to waste. The door swings open and allows access to the storage area inside, then they tightly close and are equipped with a strong lock. They provide privacy, and security, along with added value and aesthetics.

Generate Revenue 

What makes an amenity even better is when it becomes an extra source of substantial income. One of the greatest things about modern storage solutions is that they are able to generate enough revenue to pay for themselves, and make money. If you take a minute to ponder the possibilities you can easily see that there is great potential for both the tenant and the landlord to benefit. If the tenants are already feeling the effects of not having an adequate storage solution they would most likely be willing to pay extra each month to have one. Tacking on a fee as small as 3% per tenant could generate a pretty penny. The beauty of it is that you can choose your own prices and make your own rules.


There is probably no argument that the best kind of storage solution for an apartment building is one private one that will both clean up any messes that already exist, and generate an extra source of income. Although there are probably a lot of options available on the market today, have a look at Bradyl and save yourself any wasted time by getting the best first.