The Difference Between A Bobcat And Mini Excavator

The Difference Between A Bobcat And Mini Excavator

The word Bobcat was known for skid-steer or posi-track loaders that com in ranges from compact to standard size. The bobcat company has been renowned for its loaders and thus nowadays we find bobcats as synonymous for loaders.

We see these bobcats as a tool for landscape gardeners when it comes to digging, moving soil, and moving heavy plants. They are small in size, multipurpose with multiple attachments, and will thus make your DIY life a lot easier.

Bobcat machine range from 1.2 tons to over 4 tons and are ideal if you want to take on a DIY project. A bobcat skid-steer loader has wheels while the other one has tracks. However, both carry out similar tasks like digging, lifting panels, and landscaping. They include both radial and vertical lifting configuration. But your selection here depends a lot on the terrain of your site. If you need swift maneuverability and have a stiff ground, you can have skid-steer otherwise you need tracks for traction control.

Bobcats are commonly used for projects like gardening, earthmoving, landscaping, ground preparation, construction, site clearance, and moving materials. You can push and carry materials around in the bucket, load materials into trucks or trailers. But above all, the compact design makes them an asset to any construction site, particularly for those of smaller scale.

Both types of bobcats contain arms that use a hydraulic system to lift and push. But you can also use a range of attachments to utilize its power for several applications like digging holes, trenches, leveling the earth, pushing, and scooping operations.

Mini-excavator on the other hand is a compact excavator overall and available through most excavator hire companies. They give you comfort, reliability, and performance with applications in several areas. These models provide precision control and exceptional operator environment in compact sizes that are easy to transport and are ideal for confined job sites. They give you the power and operational strength with a minimal tail swing.

These mini-excavators can take on more bucket loads and dig and load heavier materials in comparison to bobcats. It uses a bucket to excavate material that is higher than or lower than the machine surface and is loaded into a transportation vehicle. They are ideal for medium to small-scale construction projects, residential construction, and DIY projects. You can pick this machine if you’re into light demolition works, material handling, stump removal, construction projects, or landscaping. You can also hire mini excavators on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis for your ongoing projects, excavator hire prices are usually quite cost effective.

Their versatility and compactness give you impressive digging forces and you can always rely on its durability and service life. So, if you’re working close to walls, and other obstruction, it delivers for you without compromising the operator’s comfort.

The Bottom Line

Both bobcats and mini-excavators have their area of applications and you need to be very specific about your project requirements. You need to access the terrain of the project area, the power required, space constraints, and degree of stability needed. Your selection has to be detailed and well-planned to avoid any untoward situation during the project execution.