What are the Services a Licensed Electrician Can Deliver

What are the Services a Licensed Electrician Can Deliver

There are times when you might be tempted to DIY and handle small electrical jobs on your own. But this should never be the case. When it comes to your home and electricity, all you are allowed to do is change a light bulb. For everything else, you must call a licensed electrician.

Don’t know if your electrical requirements need a professional? Here are the services you can expect from a reliable electrician.

Installation of Electrical Components

An electrician can install your appliances and machines. They are also the ones you call when you need to put outdoor fans, dual head fans, exhaust fans, and the good old-fashioned ceiling fans. Electrician to the Rescue, in particular, has over 35 years of experience installing fans of all types, sizes, and ages.

When you need to install new lights indoors or outdoors, you should also call a professional. He will help you select and fit the right lights for your home, helping you achieve your dream lighting. Similarly, you call a licensed electrician to make you new powerpoints, USB powerpoints and switches too.

Other installation services that electricians offer also include smoke alarms, switchboards, and other electrical components.

Electrical Repairs

If you are having trouble with anything that involves electricity, then you must call an electrician. This includes faulty wiring, flickering lights, tripping fuses, blown socket or circuit, and power tripping. A licensed electrician can repair satta matka any electrical issue and determine the main cause of the problem, preventing bigger problems later on.

For electrical emergencies that require immediate attention, such as power outage, buzzing and humming sound from breaker box or outlet, and smoke coming from an outlet, some companies also offer emergency electrician services. This means they are available no matter the time of day, even on public holidays.

Wiring and Rewiring

Your electrical wiring is the most critical part of your home electrics. It allows electricity to flow to your powerpoints, lights, and appliances. And it’s extremely dangerous too. So it is only proper that you have a professional handling it.

A licensed electrician can rewire your existing electrical outlets and wire in new ones. He can also conduct a wiring safety inspection to make sure everything is working as it should and prevent accidents from happening, including electrical shocks and fires.

Electrical Maintenance

Many electricians also offer maintenance services. So when you call a licensed individual, he will inspect your electronic equipment and wiring. He will then make needed repairs or replacements on your circuit breaker, switches, fuses, wires, and other electronic components to accommodate your needs. This is an important service to make sure all your equipment is operating properly. Also, this will ensure all problems are addressed before breakdowns happen.

Why Hire a Licensed Electrician?

When hiring an electrician for a job, one of the most important things you should look out for is an updated license. This is a guarantee that his/her work is up to state standards and consistent with safety specifications. Thus, saving you from poor electrical work which can result in faulty wiring and fatal fires.

Apart from your safety, hiring a licensed electrician is also the law. In NSW, you need to have a license before doing any electrical work, including installation, wiring, and repair. So if you don’t want to get in trouble with the law and pay thousands in fines, best call a licensed electrician to handle all your electrical issues.

If you need to hire one in Sydney today, contact Electrician to the Rescue. With more than 35 years of solid experience in the trade, they offer reliable and trusted services for your every electrical requirement.