Why you should always wear safety glasses?

Why you should always wear safety glasses?

If you think that wearing safety glasses is not important for workplaces, wait, you need to think again. When you work with power and hand tools, there are chances that it might hurt your eyes, which can cause you serious eye injuries.

But, if you wear safety glasses at workplaces, the chances of getting hurt get reduced. A study by the US Department of Labour reports that the employees mainly suffer due to eye injuries at workplaces. It may be due to inadequate eye protection wear or lack of training. Such injuries can even cause blindness. So it is essential to understand the importance of wearing safety glasses.

The safety glasses and eye protection accessories usually fall under the category of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It is generally related to protecting the workers at factories and industries from hazards.

Common Causes of Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can be caused due to the following reasons at the workplaces.

  • Airborne particles or pieces of wood, metal, or glass
  • Radiation of UV light rays
  • Power tools that elicit sparks
  • Some chemicals that may damage your vision

Eye injuries among workers in the workplaces result in up to 20% of temporary or permanent loss of eye vision. But, it can be prevented by using safety glasses.

Benefits of Safety Glasses

  • The safety glasses are heat resistant, so they protect the eyes from any sparks or flames.
  • When you work with the tools, these safety glasses help in protecting small particles entering your eyes. When you are engaged in jobs like welding, mining, and construction, there is a high probability of particles strike your eye. If you wear safety glasses, these injuries can be avoided.
  • Industrial products can also cause eye injuries. Wearing safety glasses will prevent these chemicals from entering your eyes and thus helps in the prevention of eye injuries.
  • Safety glasses are equipped with side shields which prevent the flying objects from entering your eyes.

Points to consider while Purchasing Safety glasses

Now you know that safety glasses are essential to protect your eyes from injuries. So, when you buy the next pair of safety glasses, consider the following points.

  • Know what to wear: If you are working with chemicals, then you should wear safety goggles, and when you work with harmful radiations, then you should wear special eye-wear.
  • A proper material: Although safety glasses usually look similar to the regular glasses, the safety glasses are designed with the special materials that do no shatter under the impact. So, when you buy safety glasses, search for the glasses that are approved by the American National Standards Institute.
  • A proper fit: The safety glasses that you will but should be properly fit. If it does not fit properly to your bone structure, then it may harm your eyes.

Eye injuries are a serious matter of concern. Not only it is dangerous, but if severe enough can cause permanent loss of vision. So, do not forget to wear safety glasses when working with any kind of equipment.

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