5 Great Facts About Prefab Storage Solutions

5 Great Facts About Prefab Storage Solutions

If you are the owner or a manager of a multi-family apartment complex, or any other type of dwelling place that has a lot of people, you are probably aware of the need for a substantial storage solution that will allow for privacy, security, and enough room to suit the needs of the tenants. The reason why prefab storage solutions are an ideal way to cover all of these bases is that they are so versatile, customizable, and easy to install. Because they are pre-fabricated they can be made to fit in areas that need special sizes and dimensions. It is pretty amazing how creative property owners can get when they want to use space without sacrificing any room in the apartment building. Adding a quality storage solution to an apartment complex is not only way a to increase security, but also to add extra value and all-around good looks to the establishment. Here are 5 reasons why prefabricated storage boxes are a fantastic idea.


Every dwelling facility will have its own specific needs and limitations when it comes to installing storage bins. Whether you have room for the full-sized storage units, or merely want to install over the hood storage you can be creative in the way that you use your available space. Prefab storage bins have the capacity to be as big or as small as you need. In fact, each bin can be sized to a specific detail that will fit wherever it needs to go. Because this type of storage facility is completely customizable, all you have to do is measure out your available space, and put each bin where it is designed to go. This way you can use space to your advantage, instead of letting it go to waste.

Smooth Installation

Another great factor about prefab storage units is that they are not difficult to install and set up. A team of professionals will come in and install them for you so the whole experience will be quick and painless.


When you install enclosed storage units you install security as well. In some apartments, the tenants have no other choice than to store their belongings out in the open, or in a wire storage box. Both of these solutions do not allow privacy or security. People walking by can see whatever is there and make plans to come back later and steal it when nobody is around. With an enclosed storage bin, nobody can see inside of it unless the door is open. In addition to privacy, they come with locking door latches on them so that you can install your own padlock and nobody else will have access.

Prefered By Residents

In a recent study, we found that more of the residents in an apartment community would prefer a secure storage solution as opposed to having wire bins, or none at all. This may not seem like a big deal in this context, but if you look a little deeper into this,  you can see that the potential for growth in the apartment community is pretty big. Especially if you are in competition with other apartments for tenants. If you have something that the residents will prefer, it is more likely that the people that tour your property in search of a great place to live will choose you over the next place.

Generate Revenue

Another great perk to having prefab storage bins installed is that you can add an extra cost into the rent, or have an extra fee per month in order for residents to get storage. This, in itself, is a huge advantage. Alongside providing a safe, and secure storage solution for your tenants, you can also generate more than enough income for the storage bins to pay for themselves.


After reading this is it very evident that installing a great storage solution can add value and even revenue to your properties. For more information on how to get the ball rolling on this exciting process visit one of the greatest prefabricated storage companies on the planet, Bradyl Storage Solutions.