Top Calorie Burning Cleaning Chores

Top Calorie Burning Cleaning Chores

While rarely defined as ‘fun’, cleaning can be enjoyable, and even more so if we can burn a few

calories while doing it. Most cleaning chores, when carried out with vigor and a little positive

energy, can help us keep fit by burning calories, and if house cleaning isn’t a priority, being

fit and healthy certainly should be.

Did you know that doing household chores can help us burn more than 50,000 calories every

month? Translating to 1,478 calories per day, the number is pretty impressive! Naturally, some

cleaning chores burn more calories than others, and a lot will depend on how often you do them,

and for how long, but the cleaning chores below are all great for keeping you fit:


If you have hardwood or tiled floors in your home, then doubtless you spend a lot of time

mopping them every week. This requires a lot of effort when done properly, and you’re probably

sweating when you’re done. Burning a lot of calories as a cleaning chore, mopping is great for

raising your heartrate and exercising your arms.


Another fantastic calorie burning chore, vacuuming is amazing for toning arms and shoulder

muscles, and depending on how heavy your vacuum cleaner is, you could have toned biceps in

next to no time! Burning slightly less calories than mopping, vacuuming should be part of your

regular fitness plan!

Unloading The Car

While you might not realize it, a simple task like unloading groceries from the car can also help

to keep you fit and burn calories. Just be careful not to lift packages that are too heavy and strain

your back, also go careful not to trip! With this task, the further you have to carry the groceries,

the more calories you’re likely to burn, but every bit counts.

Tidying And Decluttering

Whether you’re constantly running around picking up your kids toys and putting them back

where they belong, or just picking up general items and shifting them around, these activities all

help to keep you mobile and burn calories. This becomes an even greater calorie burning feat if

stairs are involved!

Doing The Laundry

This is NEVER fun, but I bet if you realized how many calories you’re burning while doing it, it

might not seem quite so tiresome? Loading the washing machine, unloading it, folding, hanging,

ironing, the entire process sounds exhausting! However, it does help you to burn calories and as

such, should always be part of a healthy, active lifestyle!

If you prefer burning calories by any means other than home cleaning, don’t worry, you’re

not alone! Millions of Americans employ professional cleaners to help them keep their

homes clean, and if you prefer to have someone else keep fit while cleaning, then this might

be the ideal solution.