Considerations For Laser Scan To Bim Modeling

Laser Scan

Today the BIM market USA is quite popular with the concepts of laser scan to BIM cost, BIM 360 design collaboration and 5d BIM estimation services. Top architects in DC are opting for Laser scan to BIM modeling services for existing structures as well as for new construction. However, before adopting laser scanning to BIM in your construction workflow, you should consider a few things. Initially, you are required to capture reality through laser scanning and then proceed to BIM modeling.

Here are a few considerations for laser scan to BIM modeling:

Sort out the reasons for using laser scan

Since, it is estimated that a laser scanning is faster compared to the conventional technique, 3D scanners are considered to be an ideal point of entry for creating a digital model of an existing structure. Scanners are used to project a laser in all directions around the axis for detecting distances from every wall. Usually, 3D scanners constitute to be the most competent solution for digitizing a building. Unlike 2D plans that are obsolete these days, scan to BIM process executes an as-built survey, considering the peculiarities of the structure. You are able to extract several deliverables from a laser scanner report like digital plan, modeling of interiors and facades and specific area calculations from 5d BIM estimation services. The statement from scan to BIM cost estimate thus represents an excellent base for studies related to technical and legal matters. Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals of BIM market USA create digital models from a 3D laser scanner. Top architects in DC integrate information from diagnosis, like the presence of asbestos. This facilitates improved understanding of the building by contracting authority, representing added value of the services.

Find out the steps to follow  a successful laser scan

If you like to create a digital model, you are required to either obtain or rent a scan. You may also consult surveyors, scanning companies, or BIM service providers in USA. The scanner reading could be done in any kind of infrastructure. However, the time spent on laser scanning depends on the space requirements. The laser scanning site survey then produces point clouds or the 3D coordination points. All these point clouds are combined for obtaining a single file, to be reused and transferred, for creating a digital 3D model using BIM.

Gauge the limitations of the method with apt solutions

The prime drawback of the laser scanning survey is the price of the equipment, though it is constantly falling these days. It is considered to be a substantial investment in case of small structures. As a result of which, the rental option can provide you the right solution. Another limitation of laser scanning point cloud solution is that it contains millions of points. Considering the significant amount of information, point cloud laser scanning file often becomes very big, making restrictive sharing and storage. Further, the type of building also makes a great impact on the weight of the file. To take an instance, the point cloud of an educational institute, spread over 20,000 sq. m. weighs around 120 GB. Reprocessing that on the cloud often becomes tedious. However, BIM 360 design collaboration on cloud streamlines the process.

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