Does a Fixer-Upper Home Work for You?

Does a Fixer-Upper Home Work for You?

If you like to watch home improvement shows and are on the hunt for a good house deal, a fixer-upper home could be a good option for you. Fixer-upper home houses offer buyers the opportunity to purchase a place that would otherwise be out of budget.

Before planning to invest your time and sweat in a fixer-upper home, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself to evaluate if a fixer-upper is a correct choice for you.

Is Fixing Up a Property Worth the Effort?

A home is more than a mere place to live in. Buying a house is a big investment, and houses build equity over time. Buying a property and fixing it may appear to be a feasible option to save money while boosting equity. But it is essential to account for your project’s worth and consider the sweat equity before deciding to purchase a fixer-upper.

Do You Have Enough Money to Pay for the Renovations?

Home improvements can quickly go out of budget. In addition, once you begin the renovations and repairs, you may identify hidden issues that can quickly escalate the costs. Also, even if you plan to perform all the renovation tasks single-handedly, you may come across problems such as moving a safer load-bearing or replacing a breaker box requiring professional machinery and expert workers with training to perform the tasks.

Do You Have Time for the Renovation?

Fixer-uppers demand both sweat and time commitment. If you are unable to take time off your day job, you may be required to dedicate your evenings or weekends to complete the renovations. This can potentially delay your moving date, or you may have restricted access to some rooms till the work is completed. Besides, it is essential to consider that splitting time between two homes and covering the cost for both can significantly affect your budget.

Do You Have the Required Skills?

It is also crucial to evaluate your repair and renovation skills before committing to a fixer-upper home. If you do not have the necessary renovation skills, are afraid of heights, or lack experience using power tools, you may face difficulties in completing the renovations. On the other hand, if you are prepared to learn basic home improvement skills and have the time to fix the house, a fixer-upper can be an excellent opportunity to acquire basic home maintenance skills. It is best to evaluate each option before you make a decision.

Is It Your Dream House?

The most important question of all that you should be asking yourself is if this is indeed the house of your dreams and is it worth the risks you will be taking. In most cases, when you live in the house for a long time, the property value will most probably appreciate and pay off everything you have invested in it.

In conclusion, the trend of fixer-upper houses has surely skyrocketed with the rise in home improvement shows. Eventually, the decision to purchase a fixer-upper home is a personal decision. If you are interested in a fixer-upper house, be mindful of the various aspects listed above to understand if this is a good financial move for you. The real estate experts at Rex Homes have some additional information and tips for anyone looking to buy a fixer-upper home on their blog here: