The Loft Downtown Mall: A Great Opportunity for Investors

The Loft Downtown Mall: A Great Opportunity for Investors

The living Yards Real Estate Company has created a special chance for all the investors. This company has created The Loft Downtown Mall. The project features various services at an extremely fruitful location. This area lies inside an important area of Downtown. Therefore, the mall attracts people from all the regions.

The company is already well-known for successful projects like the Loft in Administrative Capital. Hence, you can trust the quality of the Loft Downtown Mall. We have described the facilities and prices of this mall. So, let’s understand more about this mall.

Infrastructure of Mall

The loft Downtown Mall is carefully placed in a densely populated area. It is located in the Downtown MU19 region and has a plot number of 1/2. The main purpose of constructing this mall in the New Administrative Capital region of Egypt was to connect vital locations.

Starting with the Al Masa Hotel, Central Park, Government Quarter, and Ministries Quarter, it only takes 10 minutes to reach these places. The Loft Downtown Mall is near the Green River. In addition to that, the Al Mehwar Al Markazi and Bin Zayed Corridor can be reached within 20 minutes via car. Finally, New Cairo is just 25 minutes away.

The mall is divided into commercial and administrative units. A pharmacy is also present for providing healthcare. The entire structure looks elegant. Moreover, the Loft Downtown Mall consists of a ground floor with 8 main floors. There is enough space for every customer in this building.

Keeping all these features aside, the entire construction covers an area of 2600 square meters. Here, the commercial units have an area of 30 to 77 square meters. Whereas, the administrative units occupy 25 to 50 square meters of area.

Benefits of Investing

From electronic lifts to green wide spaces, the Loft Downtown Mall provides elegance with comfort. The entire building is centrally air-conditioned and has many surveillance cameras for protection. You get a private garage for parking. And, a separate children’s entertainment area is also provided. This mall is filled with a variety of features.

Prices Offered by the Company

The prices are distributed according to the value of floors. The ground floor holds the maximum value in any building. Therefore, the shops on this floor start at 86,000 Egyptian pounds and can go up to 117,000 Egyptian pounds. After that, the first and second floors have a price range of 56,000 to 84,000 Egyptian pounds and 43,000 to 60,000 Egyptian pounds respectively. The other floors are left for only administrative units having a price of 20,000 EGP to 32,000 EGP.

You can start a reservation process in the Loft Downtown Mall with four different payment packages. The basic package of 5 years takes a 0% down payment with equal installments over the year. The rest of the plans offer a 10%, 20%, and 25% reservation fee and an equal installment over 6years, 7years, and 8 years respectively. For any cash payment, you are offered a 30% discount.