How to Choose a Glass Splashback

How to Choose a Glass Splashback

The glass splashback for your kitchen has come a long way from the time when it was simply a hygienic alternative to tiles and served a completely functional purpose: to protect the walls around your sink and hob from splashes and stains. Today, there is a growing number of options available to add some individuality to the kitchen or to make a bold statement. This is ideal for a time when the kitchen is viewed as the hub of the home and a central part of family life. Glass splashbacks come with a range of advantages now, such as being made from toughened glass which ensures that they are heat resistant and durable.

Start With Your Budget

If you are looking to buy glass kitchen splash backs, the best place to start will be with your budget. This is a major consideration for most people and will affect the type of splashback you can get as well as the expanse of wall that you are going to be able to cover. The standard coloured and mirrored splashbacks will be the most affordable followed by patterned and printed ones. The top of the range will be the toughened mirror or ice-cracked glass splashbacks.

Another factor which will impact the cost is whether or not the glass has to be shaped or needs any additional cutting. This will include having to extend the glass to the extractor or remove parts to allow for electrical sockets. If you are not big into DIY, you will also have to factor in a templating and fitting fee. The simplest and most popular option when it comes to these items is to get a coloured rectangle for behind the hob and under the cooker hood.

Choose the Colour

If your choice is going to be a coloured glass splashback, you need to carefully consider the colours available. You can choose between a neutral or complimentary colour that will match the walls and cabinets of your kitchen. You could also choose a bold colour that provides a vibrant and contrasting injection of colour into the room.

Of course, it is important to remember that not everyone will agree with your taste. If you are not planning to stay in the home for a very long time, you might want to look at colours that have a wider appeal. Additionally, your own tastes might change over the years so you should consider a colour that you know you will continue to like.

What About Printing?

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There are a lot of people who want to create a focal point in their kitchen and a great way of doing this will be to combine a coloured splashback with a printed one. By using digital print, you will be able to add some more individuality to the room and create a completely personalised kitchen area. To do this, you can use your own digital photos.

If you do not want to use your own images, there are thousands of high-quality images that you can choose from online. The only problem with this is the fact that you might find the choice a little overwhelming. You do not have to do a combination of print and colour as a large printed panel works very well on its own. The results of this can often be more breathtaking than other options.

The Design Features

Glass splashbacks are becoming more popular, and this means that there are a number of design companies that have started looking into this. These companies have experimented with different textures and shades to create different styles and colours for you to use. This has led to a new development which is the addition of crushed minerals and metal elements to the panels. There is also now the option of a combination of different pigments to create a shimmering and sparkling effect.