Instigate a sense of fresh allure and natural appeal to your lawn with Artificial Grass!

Instigate a sense of fresh allure and natural appeal to your lawn with Artificial Grass!

Artificial Grass has become a trending décor idea for homeowners nowadays, with more and more homes around the world opting for it. Lawns are a beautiful way to let your guests know what the rest of your house looks like. Adding to the curb appeal of your house, lawns although requiring bit of a work are a must-have. If you’re looking to install artificial grass in your garden, the foremost thing is to know what exactly you want, especially when talking about design. Your garden should just not appear to be well-maintained it should complement your living space as well. One of the main positive aspects of artificial turf is its flexibility. Other than being used in lawns and gardens, artificial turf can be used for other applications such as patios, balconies, staircases, caravans, play areas and pathways.

Artificial Grass has an array of advantages as compared to its natural-alternative. Synthetic turf does not require watering, mowing, tedious removal of unwanted weeds and offers low maintenance. Artificial turf works perfectly for your outdoor spaces such garden, patio and lawns all year round, without having to worry about mud in winter or autumn, dusty ground in summers, no worry about cracking or ever present weed during spring.

It is essential for you to ensure that the ground where you are going to install the synthetic turf is leveled, smooth and as even as possible, before you start laying down your synthetic turf. You need to make completely sure that the surface does not have any bumps, stones or lumps that might make your new lawn uneven later on, as this will be much harder to deal with once your new grass is in place. This type of preparatory work will not only make the setting of artificial grass easier but will also help with drainage while making your lawn appealing.

Artificial turf doesn’t need mowing, watering, seeding, weeding, or fertilizers. Synthetic turf is known for its low maintenance and its ability to look aesthetically appealing all year round. Although fake grass doesn’t require lots of maintenance occasional maintenance will help in increasing the longevity of your turf while keeping it fresh for years to come. Just use a bristle broom to fluff up the entire area to keep the grass blades upright and use a leaf blower to remove leaves and other organic material.

Artificial turf does not absorb any water, unlike the natural grass. It just simply drains any rainwater through its surface or along the ground towards the storm sewers. What’s good about this is that it can be setup as to harvest the rainwater runoff. This harvested water then can be used in other purposes such as watering of trees and plants. If you want a lawn with lush appeal, go for an artificial turf with high pile height to make your lawn feel lusher and appealing. Having long grass blades can cause them to bend over themselves due to the heavy weight and the gravitational pull, which can cause your lawn to look flat as the time goes by. The ideal pile height is 30-37mm, which helps in keeping your lawn look natural. If you want to place some furniture items or décor items in your lawn, go for an artificial turf with shorter pile height as it provides better sustainability options.

You can transform your urban terrace into a garden with lush potted plants and the illusion of grass. Laying down artificial grass for balconies and roof top garden is the best solution where it’s nearly impossible to grow and maintain a living ground cover i.e. Natural Grass. You can lay an artificial grass rug set beneath your outdoor furniture set on the balcony to create that soft yet inviting look. Artificial grass provides you with a hassle-free rooftop garden experience.