What to Know About Living in Cherry Creek, Colorado

What to Know About Living in Cherry Creek, Colorado

Cherry Creek, Colorado is a neighborhood in Denver. It takes its name from Cherry Creek. Denver itself began where Cherry Creek meets the South Platte River. This is why some of the oldest homes in Denver are located here, though there are plenty of new ones, too. Here’s what you need to know about living in Cherry Creek, Colorado.

The Shopping Districts and How It Affects Everyday Life

Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a large, upscale, enclosed mall. It is one of the largest such retail establishments in the world. This makes it a major employer, a major tourist attraction, and a major headache in terms of traffic. For example, only five thousand people live in Cherry Creek, while the retail sector provides fifteen thousand jobs. Those remaining workers have to commute into their jobs in addition to the shoppers from all over Colorado.

This is separate from the Cherry Creek North shopping district in downtown. Cherry Creek North covers sixteen city blocks. It has a mix of restaurants, retail outlets, and service providers. If you’re local, you might hit the dentist here before going clothes shopping. And you’ll probably be here for one of the many arts festivals. That causes a surge in traffic, too.

The Real Estate Market

The median home in Denver, Colorado costs a little over half a million dollars. This doesn’t include the luxury market which would pull it up even higher. For example, the average home price in Denver in January 2021 would be $600K if you included all price levels. And any Cherry Creek realtor will be able to tell you that this area is part of the luxury market. The average home in Cherry Creek cost just under a million dollars as of first quarter, 2021. Furthermore, it has seen appreciation at two to three times the rate of inflation for a number of years. That’s understandable given that the area is heavily built-up, so all you can do is tear down an older home and replace it with a luxury home or low-rise apartment building.

The Quality of Life

Cherry Creek, Colorado received a 70 out of 100 for livability from AreaVibes. Its biggest issues were the cost of living (see the real estate information above) and crime. The crime rates in Cherry Creek are skewed due to the presence of the mall and tourists. There is much more petty theft here than average. The cases range from stolen purses to stolen bags in cars in the mall parking lot. And it is much more than you’d see in the neighborhood if there weren’t so many tourists and shoppers. There isn’t violent crime in Cherry Creek. This is why the area getting an “F” for crime isn’t really true. But the schools in Cherry Creek really did earn that A+ rating. Amenities are also an A+ thanks to all the parks and retail. The neighborhood is also highly walkable and bikeable. Furthermore, it has better than average public transit simply to accommodate weekend tourists and monthly festivals.