How To Buy Outdoor Furniture That Lasts

How To Buy Outdoor Furniture That Lasts

Your furniture can completely change the look and ambience of your outdoor living space. Whether you are wanting a space where you can entertain guests with long Summer days and nights of outdoor dining experiences, or if you’re wanting to transform your garden into your own personal oasis, outdoor furniture will help assist you with either option. It’s important to think about investing in pieces that are good quality to make sure they last throughout the seasons. Great furniture should bring a level of ease, function and sophistication to the alfresco area. Spacious tables and cosy seating is what is needed to offer the ultimate dining and enjoyable experience. Think about which outdoor furniture Melbourne has to offer when selecting your pieces. It’s important to find pieces that will suit the mediterranean climate of Adelaide, with its cool rainy winter and hot, dry summers. In this article we have categorized some of the best choices for outdoor furniture, both by longevity and ease-of-maintenance. Help this guide your shopping decisions.

Aluminum Furniture

Aluminum Furniture is a light weight material so is ideal to purchase if you’re wanting to move around your furniture to create different zones in your garden and patio. Aluminum doesn’t rust so these pieces will last you a long time. When looking at aluminum pieces make sure the finishings are rust-proof also. You don’t need to use abrasive cleaning tools or solutions, this furniture is easy to clean by wiping down with a clean damp cloth.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture is a great option if you’re living by the beach as it’s a great material for handling salt water. This material can’t rust and it is built to last in a range of different environments. This is a durable material that you can leave outside all year round. Plastic furniture is a lighter weight option so remember to store away during high-wind days to prevent them from flying away. Because these pieces are so durable they can easily be forgotten about, remember to regularly clean with dishwashing solution and water with a damp cloth to keep these pieces looking fresh and new. To prevent your plastic furniture from looking boring, purchase some colourful outdoor water resistant cushions to brighten them up.

Wrought Iron Furniture

If you’re looking for timeless-looking patio furniture, you can go past wrought iron. This furniture is beneficial on windy days as you won’t have to perry about your furniture blowing away and causing a mess in your garden. There is a wide range of options when it comes to styles and colours in this material that you will be able to find pieces that suit your space perfectly. Wrought iron is a heavy so these are ideal if you’re not wanting to move around your furniture often. Remember due to the weight of this material the pieces can leave marks if dragged so always get someone to help you lift these pieces. If your purchasing wrought iron that is painted, be away that the paint can chip over time. Because committing to an item make sure you can find the matching paint colour for when you need to touch this up. This will keep your pieces looking new for years to come. Wrought iron is easy to clean by just wiping it down with a dishwashing detergent and warm water, then rinse.

Natural Materials

Wooden outdoor furniture has a timeless and classic feel to it.  If you’re looking to invest in natural materials it’s important to select pieces that won’t rot, split and become a home for little creatures. Timber wood furniture creates a warm and rustic feel to your outdoor living space. It looks beautiful outside as the sun highlights the unique colour and texture of this material. Timber is easy to clean so it can always look brand new. Wipe down your furniture on a regular basis and oil them annually as this will protect it’s condition.

Wicker And Woven Furniture

Wicker furniture is another great natural option. The look of natural wicker offers a softer look to your space. Wicker furniture is made from natural materials including bamboo, willow and rattan. If you’re looking for a more duty option look at wickers that are woven from synthetic materials on aluminium frames. This style is great for outdoor living as it’s durable and is available in a range of different styles to best suit your style.