What are the Best Secure Storage Lockers?

What are the Best Secure Storage Lockers

When it comes to secure storage lockers you don’t want to skimp on quality or effectiveness. People store their valuable belongings inside storage bins so it is important to make sure that what is inside of them is safe and private. On top of being safe and private, another part of the equation is whether or not it is cost-effective and valuable for the landlord that installs them. The best storage lockers for residents are ones that will always be secure but also generate an extra income for the landlord as well as increase the overall value of the property. The best storage solutions are the ones that will benefit everybody that is involved. Except for the thieves…

Unsafe and Unsecure

When considering a storage solution it is best to look for the kind that will be safe and secure. Many landlords make the mistake of installing wire mesh storage cages. Although this type of solution may seem like a good idea at the time, it is actually a horrible idea. For starters, it is not as cost-effective as it seems. You can install secure and private storage bins for about the same cost as you could for wire cages. However, secure storage facilities will beef up the property value of the apartment building, and provide a way to generate more revenue from the tenants.

Wire cages are never a good plan in a building that has a lot of traffic. Anybody and everybody can see inside of these cages and get a good view of the contents. Even people that don’t normally steal could be tempted by something of value that is inside of a see-through storage container. Another problem is that people that do like to steal will come back over and over again when they are presented with an easy, soft target to steal from. Using these lockers is just like guarding your home with security guards armed with AK 47 that can repel any attack on security.

True Safety and Security

Believe it or not, it costs just about the same to install private, secure storage bins or boxes in an apartment building as it is to install wire cages. If you take the time to look around and see all of your options before you settle for the inferior choice, you could not only save money but gain a lot of value and extra cash in the process.

The Bradyl Bin is an amazing storage solution that is highly customizable and can come with a bunch of extras that make the whole solution a win-win for everybody. The bins are made out of a strong metal siding that will keep people from being able to see what is inside and keep thieves from easily entering. The best part is that since storage solutions are in high demand for apartment properties, most tenants will be willing to pay quite a bit extra each month just to have one. The whole project pays for itself and provides a huge return on investment.

The Bradyl Box The Bradyl Box is just as effective as a storage bin, but it easily puts empty space to work in order to provide a storage area that would otherwise be thin air. These boxes are ingeniously crafted so that tenants can park their cars under them and have the space above the vehicle hood turn into 80 cubic feet of storage area

The Best Solutions Are Profitable

Whenever a solution comes into the picture that brings balance and profit into the deal it is fantastic. If you are shopping for the right storage solution for your multifamily apartment building take a few minutes to contact the experts at Bradyl. Learn how installing great, state of the art storage solutions can add value to your property, and bring in the cash.